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In the March 2017 cover story of the Monitor on Psychology, researchers report the advantages and disadvantages of smartphone usage. One researcher in the field of the impact of technology on well-being, Karla Klein Murdock, PhD, stated that although her lab seeks to study “pros” of smartphones, they primarily find “cons.” For instance, while productivity apps (and smartphones in general) are meant to boost efficiency, individuals who tend to their phones during the night for work-related activities are less productive during the day. The article highlights a number of studies indicating that poor sleep quality is typically a negative effect of using a smartphone at night (more so than a laptop). Larry Rosen, PhD, stated turning off notifications of e-mails, etc. may be easier said than done, as people of all ages experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on experiences and information when they do not have access to their smartphones. To minimize the “cons” and increase the intended “pros” of smartphones, researchers provide several suggestions, including protecting sleep time and setting expectations/limits on your technology time.
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