COVID-19 Resources


COVID-19 Resources & Updates
ACA:  Compilation of COVID-19 Resources
APA Actions March 31, 2020
APA:  Advice for psychology supervisors and trainees on caring for patients during the COVID-19 crisis
APA:  Latest Developments for Practicing Psychologists in Response to COVID-19
APA:   Pandemics - Tips and Tools
APA:  Practice Update Newsletter March 27
APA:  Six Things Psychologists Are Talking About …
CDC:  Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
CDC:  Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Manage Anxiety & Stress
CCTC: Statement on specific guidelines for training  during the pandemic
IN FSSA & DMHA:  Be Well Indiana
IN FSSA:  Indiana launches Be Well Crisis Helpline to support Hoosiers during COVID-19 pandemic and recovery
IPA Homestudy Program:  Long COVID: Red Flag Issues for Psychologists (Brown & Burkhardt, orig. 4.21.2021) 
IPA Homestudy Program: After the vaccine:  Will we recognize ourselves in the mirror? (Sammons, orig. 11.20.2020)
IPA:  April 2020 Student Newsletter - Special COVID-19 Resources Edition
IPA:  Updates as of 4/1/2020
ISDH:  2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
National Register:  Compilation of scholarly resources for COVID-19 updates
National Register:  After the Acute Phase of Coronavirus—What Comes Next Webinar 5/8/2020
National Register:  Update on How COVID-19 is Impacting the Regulatory Community and What the Future Might Hold Webinar 5/14/2020
WFYI:  Wed. 3/18/2020, "The New Normal" Podcast:  IPA members Dr. Julie Steck and Dr. Sandra Burkhart were guests on the show "ALL IN," commenting on the psychological implications of this COVID-19 scenario we all face. 
Just Security:  Moral Courage in the Coronavirus: A Guide for Medical Providers and Institutions
The Trust:  Guidance for Practitioners:  Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB):  States Waiving Licensure Requirements in Response to COVID-19

Self Care
Pandemic Parenting:  The 10 Things Moms Need to Hear
Pandemic Parenting:  Quick Self-Care for Moms Playlist
Pandemic Parenting:  For Those Seeking to Become Moms
Jim Schroeder, PhD, HSPP video:  Parent-to-Parent - Tips and Strategies that Relate to Resiliency and Health/Well-being
 *Also available in audio Spanish version* 
15 ways to practice self-care in the time of coronavirus
Counseling Today:  Taking care of yourself as a counselor
Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy:  Distress, Therapist Burnout, Self-Care, and the Promotion of Wellness for Psychotherapists and Trainees
PsychCentral:  Therapists Share Their Favorite Meaningful Self-Care Tips
How to Prevent Burnout
15 Self Care Ideas During COVID-19
How to Cope When the World Has Been Cancelled
TEDx Talk:  Self Care to Communities of Care
National Register:  Sustaining Ourselves in Challenging Times: Ethical and Risk Management Perspectives Webinar 4/10/2020

Resources for Clients (Children)
Pandemic Parenting - a web platform for sharing the latest science-based research
"These psychologist moms are researching parents’ pandemic stress and sharing results in real time" Washington Post 8/6/2020
"To School or Not to School:  Making Decisions in the Time of COVID-19 Resources & Discussion Questions" recorded webinar 8/6/2020
National Children's Traumatic Stress Network material
CDC:  Talking with children about Coronavirus Disease 2019: Messages for parents, school staff, and others working with children
BrainPOP (for younger children):  Activities for Children and Coronavirus Education
NPR Cartoon (for older children):  Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus
Meehan Mental Health Services:  Telemental Health and Children:  20 Free Minimal Supply Activities
ACA:  Resources for Clients
IPA Member, Ann Lagges, Phd, Hspp, Abpp Interviewed About Teens' Mental Health And The Impact From COVID-19

Telepsychology Resources
National Register:  "Pragmatics of Telepsychology Practice in the Age of COVID-19" Webinar (link to 3/20/2020 recorded session)
National Register & The Trust:  "A Practical Guide to Providing Telepsychology with Minimal Risk" (link to recorded session)
National Register:  "Telepsychology With Children and Teens in the Age of COVID-19" Webinar (link to 4/3/2020 recorded session)
National Register:  "Risk Management for Teleneuropsychology" Webinar (link to 4/14/2020 recorded session)
National Register:  "Doing Intakes Via Telepsychology" Webinar (link to 4/17/2020 recorded session)
National Register:  "Online Group Therapy" Webinar (link to 4/24/2020 recorded session)
National Register:  "After the Acute Phase of Coronavirus - What Comes Next" Webinar (link to 5/9/2020 recorded session)
National Register:  "Update on How COVID-19 is Impacting the Regulatory Community and What the Future Might Hold" Webinar (link to 5/14/2020 recorded session)
National Register:  "Suicidal Risk and Telepsychology: From Supportive Resources to Clinical Treatment" Webinar (link to 5/19/2020 recorded session)
Indiana State Psychology Board:  An Update on Telepsychology in Indiana
AMA:  AMA quick guide to telemedicine in practice
APA:  Telehealth Reimbursement
APA:  Guidelines for the Practice of Telepsychology
APA:  Telepsych Tips and Resources
APA:  Office and technology checklist for telepsychological services
APA:  Online Webinar Series "Telepsychology Best Practice 101"
IPA:  Compiled Telehealth Regulation and Reimbursement Updates
IPA:  Panel Webinar "Applying Telepsychology" (link to 5/6/2020 recorded session)Slide setDr. Gallagher's "DOCHUB - A Quick-Start User's Manual"Dr. Voh's reference list
Telemental Health Counseling Crash Cours
ACA:  Telehealth Resources
The Trust:  Telepsychology Consent Form Template

"Re-Opening" Practices
National Register:  "Risk Management Considerations for Safely Reopening Neuropsychology Practice in the Era of COVID-19" Webinar 5/29/2020
National Register:  "What Comes After the Acute Phase of COVID-19: Is a Mental Health Pandemic Inevitable?"
Journal of Health Service Psychology:  Psychological Practice and the COVID-19 Crisis: A Rapid Response Survey

Coronavirus Family Impact Project - Please consider participating and sharing this (IRB approved) project info and survey link with your clients, colleagues, friends, and family
Volunteer Opportunity, Central IN  - "Help the Helpers" 3.29.20 Letter to IPA 
Zoom: 10 Tips and Tricks
Zoom:  Joining and Participating in a webinar - attendees
Go To Meeting:  Quick Guide

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