IPA Membership is an Investment in Your Career and Your Profession

IPA is the ONLY organization that advocates for the practice of psychology in Indiana. It unifies, informs, and supports psychologists throughout the state. IPA welcomes psychologists from all specialties and all phases of career.

  • IPA members receive significant registration discounts on all IPA-sponsored continuing education programs. IPA offers high quality programs, by national and regional experts, regionally throughout the year, including homeschool programs that offer Category I CE credit.
  • IPA Psychologist members may be listed in the "Find a Psychologist" directory free of charge. The directory provides contact and practice information for our members who opt-in to the directory. 
  • IPA members receive free access to the "Members Only" section of the IPA website which allows electronic access to the member directory, customizable member profile, recorded IPA webinars, and online registration to programs and events.
  • IPA members receive expert and effective "24/7" advocacy and lobbying effort on all legislative, governmental, and regulatory activity with potential to affect Psychology practice in Indiana.
  • IPA Early Career Psychologists (ECPs) receive information and guidance from seasoned colleagues on professional training, practice development, and business of practice.
  • IPA members may participate in the Members Only email "Message Board."
  • IPA members offer and may benefit from the free Ethics consultation Service.
  • IPA student members are able to compete for awards for research and service to the organization and profession.

Psychologists & Other Professionals: 
If you are a professional psychologist and would like to apply for membership, please fill out our online application (online application for Psychologists and Affiliate members).

Students:  If you are a graduate or undergraduate student and would like to apply, please fill out our online student affiliate application (online application for students).  New student applicants are required to submit a letter from their director of training or the chair of the department stating that the student is enrolled in the program and is in good academic standing to be considered for membership in IPA.  Students will be asked to upload this letter directly into their application. Please obtain this letter prior to beginning the application.

See additional details regarding benefits and investment.

Psychologist Member  

  1. PhD, PsyD, or EdD in psychology or closely related field; and
  2. Licensed psychologist in Indiana with Health Service Provider in Psychology (HSPP) and/or a faculty member in an undergraduate, graduate or professional school in Indiana accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. 
  3. Annual Dues: 
    1. Basic = $195
    2. Premier= $315
    3. Platinum Annual = $575
    4. Platinum Quarterly = $575 (annual), $155 (quarterly)
    5. New (first year) = $195 for Premier membership
    6. Emeritus Practicing = $195 for Premier membership
    7. Academic = $195 (see special requirements for membership)
    8. Post-Doctoral = $100


  1. Undergraduate or graduate student in an Indiana college or university accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and verified student status by department head; or
  2. Psychology Intern verified by director of training; or
  3. Psychology Resident or Fellow verified by director of training. 
    Annual Dues: 
    1. $40 for Basic
    2. $0 if sponsored by a Faculty Member who is an IPA Academic Member

Emeritus – Retired

  1. Age 65 years and older; and
  2. Not engaged in practice, consultation or teaching
  3. Formerly licensed psychologist in Indiana (HSPP) or a faculty member in a college or university in Indiana accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
    Annual Dues: $50

Affiliate Non-voting

  1. Non-licensed Psychologist
  2. Masters level Therapist
  3. Others as approved
    Annual Dues: Basic at $195, Non-voting
Annual Dues Cycle: Membership is on a calendar year (Psychologists/Affiliates: January-December; Students: September-August). New Member dues may be pro-rated quarterly (excluding Platinum memberships). Note that Psychologists - Platinum may choose from an annual payment or a quarterly payment option.

Questions: If you have membership questions or need any assistance, please send us a note at