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PsychByte: Seeking Intimacy


Seeking Intimacy
In the December 2017 issue of Monitor on Psychology, psychologist Danielle Sheyuk, Ph.D., writes about her personal and professional experiences as an individual with a physical disability. She notes that because she is in a wheelchair due to her diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy type 2, she, and many of the patients she treats with physical disabilities, must face countless societal stereotypes about sexuality in people with disabilities. Sexual education for individuals with disabilities, their families, and partners is significantly lacking (e.g., can people with physical disabilities have a sexual relationship; can they have children). Dr. Sheyuk noted that using technology (e.g., online dating) has been a successful outlet for some, though questions still remain, such as when and how to disclose their disability. The author noted that although awareness and advocacy for sexual education in populations with disabilities is increasing, great strides remain.
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