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Press Release: Campaign to Change Direction on Mental Health


Press Release: Campaign to Change Direction on Mental Health
IPA has partnered with the Women’s Fund of Central Indiana to join the national Campaign to Change Direction on mental health. Our organization joins the growing list of cities, colleges, hospitals, health departments, foundations and businesses that have pledged to advocate for open, honest conversation about mental health. As a first step in the campaign, IPA will work to help ensure that every central Indiana resident knows how to recognize and respond to the five signs of emotional suffering within five years. The signs that someone is in emotional pain and might need help include personality change, agitation, withdrawal, poor self-care and hopelessness. People who recognize these signs should show compassion, empathy and a willingness to find a solution when the affected person may not have the will or drive to help themselves.
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Natalie C. Dattilo, Ph.D., HSPP
IPA Public Education Coordinator